All natural body- Pretty face- Long dark hair & big blue eyes- Five feet tall- Luscious Ass- 36C- Mature- Just turned 40- CaliBred- Livin'inSin- Not shaved- WAXED- Likes MEN of all ages- Very intelligent- Sexy with a down to earth personality- Fearless & fun- Straight up- No nonsense- Sweet & generous- Big heart- Genuine SOUL **SCARLOTTA SPADE**

~I am the star of my own show; therefore my presence in this room is indispensable. As such, if I feel uncomfortable in any way, I have a responsibility to myself above all others to execute effective resolution. Furthermore, there is no entitlement on the part of any individual; nor am I obligated to provide an explanation for any actions that may be deemed unnecessary.

Nickname: scarlotta
Site: Chaturbate
Age: 50
Sex: Female

Kinky Attributes

Jewelry, make-up & cool hairstyles