Hello guys*I'm new* Im romantic girl) Im here for find fun and spend great time together* I hope we will good friends*
Please respect my some room rules :
Remember im real girl with REAL feelings!
Talk to me like im a girl your meeting in real life( not at the computer) you dont to girl you just met and say "Hey, show me your boobs"Do you ? So please be respectful and kind, be nice to my friends.
Say Hi / Talk to us!
I hate feeling like a TV show, i love interacting with you guys and making new friends every day.
No begging/ Demanding
Please dont ask my friends to tip or make request, it puts every room down, dont ask me to do stuff ( if you have regues ask me , unless it the topic)
Dont be derector!
I love playning and teasing, but if you start asking for stuff remember , the ban button is always working.
No dating or marrying!
Im on Chaturbate not for find a husband or boyfriend, we can be really good friends and have fun but if you interacting is to start dating me , please press the " next room " button

Dont complain!
About your financial situation. We all can have problems at times, you can't tip? Alright :) I know you guys aren't tokens dispenser, but please dont make drama because that!

Nickname: rikarikas
Site: Chaturbate
Age: 18
Sex: Female

Kinky Attributes