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Thanks for taking the time to read this.

My name is Eve, I am 23 years old. I been on chaturbate for about 3 months, i got to meet many great people, some of them are with me from the beginning and i would like to thank them for being there for me.

I have a few simple rules:

- You can request, as long as you tip.

- No PEE requests.

- Don't call me BB, my name is Eve.

- Don't be rude.

- I don't use moderators, so don't ask me if you can be my mod.

- Please don't come frustrated in my room after you've spent all your tokens in other rooms and then tell me you have no more tokens. Save some for me.
- Nobody wants to know about your special feelings for your relatives, if you talk about this, YOU will be banned.
- I only use hitachi so don't ask if I have a huge dildo, because I don't. YOU won't get banned though. haha
- Before requesting pvt, please PM me.

I don't have too many rules, but if you respect the ones above we should be fine. :-)

Blues who come into my room and never tip are not appreciated. You will be treated better, and you will be appreciated, if you say "hi" and tip even just a few tokens.

Most of the time we have a lot of fun, except when somebody that's too immature will come to show us his feelings.

I am sorry, but i removed the lover list, I don't like big images, i can express better using words.

Thank you all that visit me every time i am online, it makes me feel great when i see everybody is having fun. i am a funny person, but this bio is too serious, haha.


Nickname: evebel
Site: Chaturbate
Age: 29
Sex: Female