Hi everyone, I`m BISE guy who doesn`t have much to tell about himself but there are some facts, notices and requests:
I`m here to give u some positive emotions so if u feel like I`m annoying or stupid person - u`d better just chat with someone else;)
My room is more about chat than "urbate", and I do realize that it doesnt fit a whole concept of this site but Im sure there will be people who will find it worth spending their time here:)
My english sucks but there is no need to translate anything coz translators sucks even more
I`m here to save up for my own small (at the beginning) business, please do not ask what kind of because I dont think it is a good place to discuss it.
-Do u model?: no, never tried, if u know some agencies I d be glad to have its contacts.
-I am LOOKING FOR A PERSON (sorry it was just to get ur attention lol) who will help with removing all the piracy content from search engines, and of course I am ready to pay for that.
-as you can see I'm in a good daily routine of training, still not what I want with my body, but I'm patient, and will have much to give of my in this process.
-I ll be very grateful if u correct my mistakes in grammar/pronunciation.
And at last: I am always glad to chat, especially not about me haha;) Thanks for spending ur time on reading my bio, lets chat:) (in case u have some special offers contact me on instagram and twitter *angelovfittxvi

Nickname: angelovfitnessxv
Site: Chaturbate
Age: 23
Sex: Male

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