I am a singlemom of 3 little ones and have 2 dogs also. I have a rare neurological disability that causes my nerves to spasm when sending signals to my voice. I have been struggling with loss of voice for 4 years and it has gotten drastically worse, so much so that my job as the front desk girl got my hours cut in half and I have been struggling to make ends meet. I dont get financial support from my x husband who was a drug addict and abusive insane human to say the least. I have been battling to get over the pain and hurt from the divorce as well as the struggle with being a single mom and now I am faced with this disorder which as lead me to find this online community where I can earn money while going back to school for a job in social media marketing that doesnt require me to have to talk much since I never know when my nerves will spasm. Some days I have no voice at all causing me great sadness and frustration as its very hard to go through life alone raising 3 lil ones as is and now having to do it with little to no voice. I have my sound turned off mostly because when I talk my vocal chords are held open to long making it difficult for me to breath so I avoid talking. And I also keep my sound off as I have little ones in the home asleep and dont want to wake them up.
I am embarressed to even be on here doing this but I feel like at this point in my life I have no other options and need to do what I need to do to pay the rent keep the lil ones fed and so forth I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read all this and i truly appreciate all of your support wether it be financial or through your kind words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to keep my family afloat in this tough time of need. Love Amy Smilez

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